“A tool is just a tool. What really matters is the value you can add to your customers by using it.”

Planning Manager
Mika Kuronen

In planning you need to have a lot of factors considered to make the right choices, but every variable adds a level of complexity – and eventually you’ll be lost in this vast information. With the right comprehensive and customizable tools to analyze and visualize your information, you can get around this – have all the components in one software, but still see what is relevant and what isn’t. That’s the real power of modern modelling tools in planning. We use Fluidit software every day with Fluidit planning team (that’s how you get the right tools for the right job!).

Here are some of the services we are especially proud of to be able to offer:
Smart control system design: to plan a truly smart network, you need to integrate control algorithm design with hydraulic network modelling. This enables an iterative process that goes through the cycles quickly – testing control strategies and getting feedback from the model instantly.
High-quality energy-efficiency analysis: approached at a scale of the whole system, an energy balance tells us how energy flows into and out of the network. Combined with advanced pump analysis this gives us a powerful tool to minimize energy consumption – or in other words, carbon footprint and money.
Rapid emergency support: with fast-to-use tools we can offer our customers rapid, even real-time, simulation results.

We have been called to help in several water contamination crises, simulating contaminated areas and planning chloride spreading of an on-going crises – updating results and making new plans hour-to-hour as the crisis evolves and more information becomes available. This is the stuff where human lives can be saved with quick-response planning!