Fluidit Sewer

As cities continue to grow globally, a well-working sanitation system will be and should be in the core of all the healthy communities. Fluidit Sewer will help designers and modelers worldwide in designing and sizing a flood free energy efficient systems.

For design engineer

For utility

For universities

Main features

  • Unlimited pipes in all versions
  • Support for all EPSG coordinate systems
  • Affine coordinate transform available
  • Online background maps (Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap, Satellite maps, custom WMS/WFS…)
  • Integrated elevation model, automatic elevation retrieval for junctions and hill shading
  • Reference maps (shp, dxf, geotiff, mif, geojson, GML…)
  • Versatile visualization of components and results
  • Calculated raster data from node and user data
  • Unlimited demand junctions
  • Informative and user-friendly pipe profiles
  • Based on choice, time series views of the modeling results are updated
  • Statistical analysis of results at different levels (system, pressure area and user)
  • Easy to use pressure-dependent leakage to the model
  • Customizable schematics showing the behavior and results of the system
  • Support for flow and pressure controlled frequency drive-controlled pump batteries and control valves
  • Energy usage and working point analysis for pumps
  • Energy balance analysis
  • Water hammer analysis for pressure pipes(according to Joukowsky)
  • Splitting pipes according to lowest and highest elelvations
  • Movable and floatable UI-windows
  • Libraries for pipe materials
  • API (python, javascript, RUBY)
  • System control and setpoints modelling
  • Inheritable scenariotree
  • Comparison tool for different scenarios
  • Simulation of several quality factors simultaneously
  • Network reliability and contamination analyzes